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Empowering your Employees

While we are all interested in healthy choices, we don’t often see how we can use those choices to create a stronger brain-body connection for work, for play and to cultivate calm.

Think Eat Grow Wellness Workshop

So, I started Think Eat Grow – a business committed to educating others about eating good food, moving everyday and practicing mindfulness all with today’s demanding schedules and busy lives in perspective.


I empower individuals and organizations to make the right choices for wellness. I work with corporate groups dedicated to equipping their teams with big picture wellness education about how we eat & drink, how we move, how we unplug, and more.

More About Terri

How I can help

Workplace Yoga
Lunch and Learn Wellness Workshops
One-On-One Health Coaching

Companies I’ve worked with

Workshops at VF Corporation
Workshops at Ralph Lauren
Workshops at Precision Group Fabrics
Workshops at Global Brands Group

“Terri is a joy to work with in every way. She is knowledgeable, approachable, and enthusiastic about wellness and supporting community. Her classes are both educational and empowering, and we always look forward to having her as a guest teacher.”

– Jennifer B